Winton Local Lodge # 94 

Meetings for 2019

                                     Attend Local Lodge Meetings

Local Lodge meetings form the roots of our organization. From them come the views and desires of our members, which guide Local Lodge, General Committee, and Grand Lodge Officers in formulating policies for the betterment of working conditions. Further, all Local Lodges have their own problems, such as grievances and maintaining a strong attendance at meetings. Hardly an event can take place at a meeting that does not affect every member in the Local Lodge. Those who fail to attend not only run the danger of missing out on decisions directly affecting themselves, they also retard the broader aims of the organization to improve the working conditions of all members. If it were possible to devise a more just and efficient method than meetings to act collectively and unify ideas of large groups of men for their own welfare, somewhere, long before now, in the development of selfgoverning bodies the substitute would have been discovered. Just as governments are strong in proportion to the interest and support of their peoples, so do labor organizations progress according to the will of their members to give all their support to the most important activity of their organization — which is the Local Lodge meeting.


January 19, 2019(Cancelled)

Fairfield Inn & Suites

11440 Chester Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246


April 13, 2019(Date Changed)

Quality Inn & Suites

1000 Comfort Plaza Drive

Bellville, Ohio 44813


July 20, 2019

Holiday Inn Express

5915 Ellison Road

Ft. Wayne, Indiana 46804


October 19, 2019

Holiday Inn & Suites Lima

803 S. Leonard Ave

Lima, Ohio 45804